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[09 Mar 2010|02:58pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I can't believe Sammy is dead. She was noticably the best person all around that I know. Or knew? Do we talk about her in past tense now? Could I if I tried?
I'm sad, but I know that being sad won't help anything so I can't stay say, but I want to. I just know better and it sucks. I just want to grieve, but my mind is telling me to stop whining, get off my ass and keep going with my day, but my heart swells up and I start to cry all over again....

She was too young, too beautiful and too good of a person to go. She helped everybody every day. People still need her. I still need her.

Sammy, I love you more than I knew I did... Hopefully we'll be seeing eachother again.

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[08 Dec 2007|03:44pm]
 name some cool places to go to that are 15 hours or less away.
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[08 Dec 2007|11:01am]
[ mood | great ]

 it would be really cool to live in colorado for the summer.

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is this sweet titrs? [24 Nov 2007|04:07pm]
[ mood | bored ]


so im at work
and we are super fucking bored
and this kid garrett left his phone up here, and no one up here really likes him. so brock is on his phone, right? hes on it at this very moment. right outside the door.
hes going through the phone and he sees a number for "Sweet titrs" and he decides to call. he says "Is this Sweet Titrs?" wow. thats how it all started. i think i might shit my pants.
"excuse me?"
"well isnt that your name"
"no, this is jojo"
"are you one of garretts myspace girlfriends?"
"no, im tired of hearing that. i live all the way in texas and ive never even met him"
"so you give guys youve never met your number on myspace?"

=if you do that, then you need to kill yourself.=

... HAHA
ohhhhh, myspace.

so march 6-9. Langerado. fucking right. check out and look at the lineup. everyone should go. it will enrich your soul.

i love my job

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"some of him's rubbed off on you" [17 Nov 2007|01:10pm]
so i'm at work. its super fuvking boring, but hey, im getting paid.
thursday-friday=no sleep at all. all nighters...i wrote two papers while at my friend's house party. i didnt drink at all over there. i had one jager bomb at the bar, and thats only because i love jager and it had redbull in it. about time when the sun came up, i left and went to my dorm room to type those bitches up. josh was the only one that pulled then all nighter with me. fuckin right.

im sick as fuck.

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i had a bad day again [08 Nov 2007|08:32pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

everything downhill for me:

relationship with mom

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caution [08 Nov 2007|10:57am]
keep track of your lies 
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just wow, thats surprises [08 Nov 2007|10:42am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

i hate my friends' lack of respect for me: my feelings, my stuff, my wishes.

it gets old kind of fast.

dont worry about it. its nothing. no one is being serious. it started as a joke. it was funny. maybe im just too sensitive. but why does she just fucking have to test me? i know she loves me, but she doesnt at the same time. she thinks she does, so i cannot be angry at her. why am i like that? why do i try so fucking hard to make sure that everyone around me is happy, even if it causes me to be unhappy? but the things i get unhappy about, theyre earthly, theyre irrelevant, miniscule. it wont matter in a day. but its now, though. should something not mater now if it wont matter in the near future? i dont think it should, so i guess thats what my problem is.

smile all the time.
laugh at every joke.
drag your blanket blindly
and fill your heart with smoke
and the first thing that you want
will be the last thing youd ever need
thats how you fight it
how to fight loneliness 
just smile all the time

sleep well, assholes

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no one can hear you [06 Nov 2007|12:07am]
we're all gunna die from our own arrogance.
so we might as well take our time.

im sitting here preaching, but no one cares.
its all about wording.
nothing matters.

you must go up
to the stars
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i wanna push you around [01 Nov 2007|06:25pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

well, guys, im wiggidy out!
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i've had a little bit too much to think tonight [29 Oct 2007|10:48pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

well, i know exactly whats going on in my life for once.
its boring.

i have nothing to wonder about or keep my mind occupied with.

i cant stand this. where is everybody? i want to go back to high school. im sad, i think. i miss stability.
chris is going to transfer next fall to another school. probably auburn. ill probably lose touch. that really makes me sad because he is actually a fuckin great person.

i met the band. the michael warren band. nic carroll and brandon white are both from fairhope. thats cool. me and nic stayed up till about 8 or so this morning talking. it was nice.

im going to california this winter break.

everyone is gone. or asleep. or busy? or lost.
matt and david are in napier doing something.
andy lost his phone
tiffany is in daphne
ian didnt answer
nic and brandon and kyle are at a haunted house
chris didnt have enough gas to come to montevallo
laura moved back to t-town
dylan didnt answer his phone there anyone else id want to see.

maybe ill just go call matt shipp
i talked to matt boles for a while today. whoa. 
how are you matt? i wish you were awake. or if you just didnt answer my call, i wish you would have.

what is a friend?

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thizzink [24 Oct 2007|04:43pm]
so ive been having those "life" conversations with my friend ian lately, mostly about his life, and it made me think.
what do i think about most of the time? i would think a lot, just because i'm always thinking. but then, as i was writing them down, the list kept ketting longer and longer and i thought that that was way too much. but yeah. 20 things. we go
my answer to life for me is to marry music. for me to be truely happy, i need to marry music.
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Max Out [17 Oct 2007|10:09am]
[ mood | chipper ]

so whats goin on everybody? probably nothing because im probably not going to get a comment back, except maybe from caitlin....or mike...that would be cool, guys.
well... i dont know, really. my fall break is this friday, so ill be headed into town on thursday. neat. i guess. uhm. 
for the first time!!! it was so fun!!!!
me and chris and ian went, and i had a mother fucking blast!
chris. hrm.
whatever, im just not going to worry about it anymore. or at least try not to. im just tryin to go with the flow right now, and it seems to be doing okay. 
ive been taking a lot of pictures lately. maybe ill load those sumbitches up on this thing and show you guys what ive been up to. fun stuff, i promise. adventures, battle of the bands, shotguns and everything in between.
i like montevallo. i think i want to take summer classes up here instead of down there. i have it all worked out.
well, max out, everbody. i hoe all yall have a fucking awesome day!

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well... [10 Oct 2007|12:57pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i dont know how i am right now. good and bad, both. confused. nervous. annoyed. happy. relaxed.

chris is confusing, and he knows it. i dont like it at all, honestly. he needs to figure himself out. hah.
im smoking a little again : im writing more again.

i realize that being cold-hearted is a bad idea.
release the cold, take in the strength.

i miss marijuana. 

battle of the bands tonight at acc
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fehgydhjtdfnhgfWORD [04 Oct 2007|10:53pm]
[ mood | bummed out ]

what up?
no bayfest for me this weekend...maybe sunday night if i can find a spare 25 for chris. i am still stoked about the beach, though.
so how do you think i would look with my monroe pierced?
btw, tiffany says whats up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and add her on facebook.

her, not me. because i refuse to make one.
someone told me i wouldnt make it through college without a facebook. fucking watch me!!


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watwatwat [03 Oct 2007|11:09am]
[ mood | sick ]


me, chris, and tiffany are staying at the beach this weekend, and its going to be fucking awesome, and then we are probably going to go to bayfest at night and have a fuckin awesome time! woot!


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college update [27 Sep 2007|01:34pm]

i like it a lot here. its boring though. i slept on a picnic table in the quad yesterday, it was awesome.
johnny and i broke up.
i went to the bar last night and i only paid for myself one drink. i did good.
boys are eing thrown at me left and right. no thank you. i hate boys. hahaha. i never change.
im enjoying myself up here though. making friends.
i actually kinda dig this one guy, chris. hes amazing. like, hes a nice guy that goes out and parties, but not too much, but he plays soccer, not here, and hes taller than me, and he, matt, kristin and i stayed up all night together and he and i talked the entire night. im in love.

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so im here. [24 Aug 2007|03:09pm]
[ mood | worried ]

hi. this is me. from college. its weird. i live here now.... that trips me out.
no one was friendly at all the first day.
yesterday was alright. there was this 90's mixer and i dressed up as courtney love. HAH. i looked fucking rediculous. it was so funny. i had the smeared lipstick and everything!
but i walked in with trista (my roommate) and then we walked back out. it was totally lame.
and we saw some of my friends, kyle and trevor, and we hung out with them for a while and left, them ran into max and these two other guys whose names i cant remember and we walked around town. that was alright. even though i looked like a hooker. hahaha.
but they were pretty boring so we left.
today i saw yhis girl i met in mobile that was going to go here. she does go here. but trista and i saw her and she got one of her friends and we went to lunch. that was fun. then she (audrey) and i went to admissions to get here schedule worked out, and came back to my dorm and talked for a while. then she left. then i went to smoke a cigarette on our AWESOME back porch because we ae the only dorm with a back porch and we are right next to the caf.
but anyways, audrey and that one chick were out there and i went to the bookstore and got some lotion and one of those handy things tokeep my id in and key on.
and now im here.
with nothing to do because trista went home. im going to lay down.

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[19 Aug 2007|12:24am]
[ mood | ironic ]

yep. so three days. yep. im crying. over johnny. because im going to miss the fuck out of him.

so a while ago, i jokingly told him that he should take me out to ruth's chris, this really fancy restaraunt with dank steak thats slightly over priced...well he did. tonight.
i also had told him recently that id need a huge stuffed animal to squeeze at night to replace him.

so after he surprised me with dinne out, he drives to toys 'r us, and we walk in and go to the bathrooms. i thought that was why we stopped. i get out of the bathroom, and i see im standing a little ways away. i go to him. and he is standing beside a spectacular array of huge stuffed animals.

i was so happy.

if thats not love, you tell me what is.

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[06 Aug 2007|02:03am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

lame surveysCollapse )

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